ERGOberryPi: the Desktop Computer Pixel

What if an ERGO pixel could hook to a monitor and keyboard?  Our “Gen4” development project, led by Daniel, is working with the Gen3 team to create a pixel based on the popular Raspberry Pi linux microcomputer that works as an entire desktop computer, including access to the web by browser, easier user network set-up, and all kinds of other nifty things.  Daniel is writing the Python code to take in data from the GPS, format it and send it to our database server.  We’re in initial trials, and we’re starting to develop a special GPS + Geiger-Müller board to go with it (adapted from the Gen3 shield).  We are targeting the ERGOberryPi as a large-volume production pixel with high functionality and extremely low cost.  Daniel is also designing the system enclosure and desktop user interface.
Since the Raspberry Pi is such a popular platform, we’re planning to have the ERGO board available through commercial channels, so anyone can buy a Raspberry Pi and the ERGOberryPi board, build his own ERGOberryPi, send in a request for a pixel identity, and join the ERGO network.


ergoberrypi 1

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