ERGOduino: the Do-It-Yourself Pixel

Over the last few months, with the help of Jim Brown of, much of the code needed to create an “ERGOduino” has been completed, and we are in testing with a pixel based upon the EtherMega board a…nd our own custom “shield” that includes the u-blox GPS module, the Geiger- Müller detector, and the electronics to make it work.  The entire pixel consists of an EtherMega board and our shield.
We’re calling this pixel “Gen3”, and Sloane has a team working to build ten of them.  We’re planning to have those ten units completed and “in the field” around South Florida this summer.  The team is also working on a rugged, instrument-grade enclosure and an AC power supply to complete the Gen3 system.

ergoduino 2

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