Summer ERGO Projects

The ERGO interns have a lot planned for this summer. Here are some of their exciting projects:

  • Building twenty more ERGO pixels
  • Working on several methods for wireless telemetry various field experiments
  • Balloon launch – to measure cosmic rays in high altitudes
  • Gulf-stream ocean drifting buoy
  • Rocket-launch payload for Italy
  • Deep-sea sounding experiments
  • Investigation of link between cosmic rays and lightning
  • New ways for users to be able to access ERGO data
  • Design of a totally new Gen3 lower-cost ERGO pixel with touch-panel control and data display
  • Classroom experiments with cloud chambers and electroscopes
  • Investigation of the sensitivity of ERGO pixels to variations in temperature and pressure
  • Experiments with muon-specific low-cost detectors for possible inclusion in the Gen3 ERGO pixel.

That’s keeping us all pretty busy. There’s quite a crowd of enthusiastic interns here at the Syntheon lab. Thanks to Jeff, Valentina, James, Cesar, Daniel, Win, Lucas, Simon, Steven, Sloane, Christopher, Hunter, Jordi, Kenneth, James, and Cole!